Winter project update.

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Greetings from the Oval headquarters,

In the bumpy and exciting road to product delivery we faced a quite serious setback when a full batch of parts where out of specs. Thats now part of the past as we have managed with our supplier to adjust the design and molding to the original designed specifications.

This apparently minor issue took more time than we expected to be solved and was just this week when we have received a valid set of parts. Now we can ask for the retooling and new full parts run with confidence.

This piece of good news comes with a bit of bitterness – due to the needed molding and retooling, our new production and delivery plan forces us to start the delivery of the Kickstarter- backed Very Early Bird Oval on January 16th, and the remaining Oval First Edition afterwards. We will keep you all updated before delivering your loved Oval.

We want to express our deepest gratitude and respect to the Kickstarter campaign backers and to all the fellow friends who have preordered the Oval knowing that the project was on development and trusting our capacities to successfully accomplish this challenge. We are very grateful, especially having in mind that you all have paid your hard earned money in advance, and keep your intention on supporting our commitment, knowing that there is no refund option in the Kickstarter campaign once the campaign ended, neither in the presales 30 days after the order has been filled. Have peace of mind, the delivery time is coming close.


Ovalsound - Oval Now - App Launching


Well, the Oval App is almost here. We proudly announce that the Oval Synth app for iPad has been submitted to the App Store for review and approval and we expect to have it online and ready for download in the coming days.

Android is coming

As stated in our Kickstarter campaign we are developing the Oval Synth app for Android and the public beta program will open in December. The Oval Synth app for Android beta program is an essential step, as the Android platform is quite fragmented in many brands and models of Android devices, and real user test is needed to define a minimum stable configuration for the app. We will announce the public beta program opening and application instructions soon.


Ovalsound - Oval Now - Murmur live


The past Sunday 27 of November Ravid Goldschmidt, cofounder of Ovalsound, performed with Quim Moya in the Movistar Simbiòtic Festival. The intimate Sala Beckett club, in Barcelona, was the window display for the transmedia intervention of the painter Quim Moya and Ravid. The melange of live painting in a tridimensional cube shaped canvas with the soul warming sound of the Oval composed the Murmur storytelling. Light, paint and music amalgamated in a unique live show.

We will continue updating you about the news and progress of the Oval project. We want to thank you again for your understanding, support and patience. Keep an eye our social media channels, newsletter and Kickstarter updates.

Warmest regards from Barcelona,

The Oval team.