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Greetings from the Oval headquarters in Barcelona,

As the year comes to an end, we want to wish you all a great transit to a wonderful 2017 and share some great news with all our backers, customers and supporters. We keep working tirelessly to produce the best handpan experience ever, and here comes a crucial part of the Oval, the Oval App for iPad, now renamed as the Oval Synth is here!


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Oval Synth for iPad is ready for download

After several months of hard work, the Oval Synth App for iPad is ready for download in the Apple App Store. The process of user testing and App Store approval has been a quite long table tennis game. But finally, and with the great help of the participants in the Public Beta Program, Oval Synth for iPad is ready. As a work in progress, we want to hear what you think about. So, please, email us with your comments and suggestions.

Oval Synth for Android Public Beta Program starts in January the 15th

At the Ovalsound HQ we dont stop and we are busy preparing the Oval Synth for Android Public Beta Program. The sign-up will be announced early in January.


Ovalsound - Oval Now - Sounds


Creating sounds for the Oval Synth

To better improve the sonic capacities of the Oval Synth App our Ravid Goldschmidt recorded several sessions with his handpan range of instruments. Those recordings can be found as the following instruments in the Oval Synth App:

Pionier: Recordings from the Hang first generation made in Switzerland by PanArt.

Kanpai: Recordings from the BElls handpan made in Spain by BellArt.

Dolya: Recordings from the SPB handpan made in Russia by Victor Levinson.


Ovalsound - Oval Now - Handpans


The Oval Synth growing collection of high quality instruments is being being carefully crafted by professional sound designers, making the most of the Oval Synth powerful gesture mapping functionality.

And… one more thing

We proudly announce that the iPhone version of Oval Synth is also coming. The next step in the Oval Synth, and a quite natural one once the Android version gets ready, is to go for the iPhone version.

We will continue updating you about the news and progress of the Oval project. We want to thank you again for your understanding, support and patience. Keep an eye our social media channels, newsletter and Kickstarter updates.

Warmest regards from Barcelona and our best wishes for 2017!

The Oval team.