Oval first edition is running out.

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Greetings from the Oval headquarters in Barcelona,

The Oval First Edition is limited to 1000 units, including the ones backed in the crowdfunding campaign. We are glad to announce that the presales campaign is going so well that there are just 50 units left and running. All the Oval First Edition units will be delivered by December 2016.
So if you are interested in having an Oval this year this is your opportunity!

Take a look at the live session we had the other day with act/cut/ withdraw at our studio in Barcelona:


Ovalsound - Oval Now - 50 units


We will continue updating you about the news and progress of the Oval project. We want to thank you for your understanding, support and patience, feel free to email us any ideas or suggestions you can come up with to oval@ovalsound.com. Keep an eye our social media channels, newsletter and Kickstarter updates.

Warmest regards from Barcelona,

The Oval team.