The Oval MIDI out information.

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Greetings from the Oval Sound headquarters in Barcelona,

The Oval instrument is made of two parts: the Oval controller and the Oval Synth. Both can also be used separately as part of a MIDI music or production environment.

The Oval sends all MIDI note messages in the Midi channel 1 and the CC messages of each pad in separ ate MIDI channels per pad. So all MIDI CC messages from pad 1 will be sent in channel 1, pad 2 sent in MIDI channel 2 and so with the rest of the pads.

If you want to use the Oval in a MIDi environment the following MIDI message list will be of your interest.

Oval MIDI Note

Ovalsound - Oval Now - Midinote




Ovalsound - Oval Now - MIDI CC


If you need any help or assistance, please contact the support team:

Warmest regards from sunny Barcelona,

The Oval Sound Team.