Manufacturing has started.

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Greetings from the Oval headquarters in Barcelona,

As we announced in our last update the assembling and testing process for the Very Early Oval has just started. The process for those Very Early Oval is going to be slightly different than for the rest of the Oval First Edition as we need not only to check and test the quality and finishing of the Oval but also the consistency of the whole assembly process and the supplier and partner’s processes and subassemblies.

Ovalsound - Oval Now - Manufacturing

As of today, we are conducting production tests on all the Oval’s subassemblies and how they work along the fabrication line. Even being hand assembled one by one, the process is completely different in a prototype or in an assembly line. To ensure the reliability, consistency and finishing takes some time at first.

Ovalsound - Oval Now - Manufacturing 2

Prototypes can come back to the workshop for grooming at the end of the day, but production Ovals will go with their loving owners and stay on service for years.
Once the Oval Early Bird units get cleared for shipping and the production line is fine tuned we can estimate how long will take to manufacture and assemble each Oval, and how many we can produce per week. Then we will be able to give estimations on the delivery of each order.
The Ovals will be delivered in the order they were backed or reserved.

We will continue updating you about the news and progress of the Oval project. We want to thank you for your understanding, support and patience, feel free to email us any ideas or suggestions you can come up with to Keep an eye our social media channels, newsletter and Kickstarter updates.

Warmest regards from Barcelona,

The Oval team.