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Greetings from the Oval headquarters in Barcelona,

We are pleased to announce another milestone in the Oval project. Today we open the sign-up for the Oval Synth for Android public beta program.


Ovalsound - Oval Now - Android Beta


The Oval Synth is a fundamental part of the Oval platform and we want to offer the best experience in iOS and Android devices.

This Oval Synth app beta will have a nice set of sounds and the Play mode. As the Android environment is quite varied compared with the iOS field we need your help to test and check the app out of the lab to check compatibility and determine the minimum viable hardware for a reasonable performance.

You can sign-up sending an email to beta@ovalsound.com. Once the selection process for the 100 available slots starts you will receive an email with the instructions to join-in.

Warmest regards from Barcelona,

The Oval team.