All Early Birds are out!

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Greetings from the Oval headquarters in Barcelona,

All Early Birds are out!

The Oval keeps going on. Manufacturing and deliveries are keeping pace, and the Oval keeps walking out to the world. We happily announce that all Kickstarter Early Bird Ovals have been delivered, and we are now starting with the rest of the Kickstarter and the presales campaign Ovals. When the time for your Oval delivery comes closer we will contact you to confirm the delivery address.


Ovalsound - Oval Now - Earlybirds


Oval Showcased in Sonar and Maker Faire

Once again, the Oval was part of the Sonar +D area. Sonar +D is a 3-day congress of Creativity, Technology and Business running concurrently to Sónar by Day. The congress includes installations, talks, exhibitions and displays of new technologies with creative applications.

The team was present with a cozy booth where participants experienced the beauty and expressiveness of the Oval.


Ovalsound - Oval Now - Earlybirds 3


Immediately following Sonar, and just across the street, the Oval troupe showcased the most disruptive percussion instrument to the visitors of Maker Faire Barcelona. Quite different crowd, with a lot of underagers excited about making tech, music and learning. Maker Faire Barcelona was a two days weekend free to enter event.


Ovalsound - Oval Now - Earlybirds 4


If you want to know the estimated delivery date of your order please contact

Warmest regards from sunny Barcelona,

Alex Posada and Ravid Goldschmidt, on behalf of the Oval Team.