Delivery has started.

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Greetings from the Oval headquarters in Barcelona,

We are glad to tell and show the delivery of the first units of the Oval. Yesterday we handed the very first Oval that goes out to their backer. Today we handed the second one.

Ovalsound - Oval Now - Backer Test

This intense journey is starting to show the fruitful present we are heading. As the validations and testing process reaches the latest stage we are delivering the first units to the Very Early Bird backers here in Barcelona so we can have a direct feedback and apply that if needed. The validation and testing has been longer than planned as some steps, like the adhesive stability, consistency and durability essays take several days.

We will continue shipping the next week and we expect the ramp-up in production at the end of next week to have the first units delivered in the following days.

Ovalsound - Oval Now - First Delivery


There are some positive news about the delay. As there are processes that we can conduct in parallel to the Oval hardware testing we have completed a major milestone in the firmware development and we are going to include the improved version 2.0 of the Oval firmware in all Oval units.

We have almost all the components and parts for the whole 1000 unit production. We are already thermoforming and mechanizing the upper and lower CorianĀ® parts, thats a quite time intensive process.


Ovalsound - Oval Now - Production


Expect another production update next week with some more good news.

Best wishes.

Alex Posada, on behalf of the Oval Team.